Demand For Water

Today’s Demand for Water

The typical Water Well system has seen several changes from the 2″ steel pipe Bob Fleming Sr. drilled when starting his business 50 years ago. Bob Sr. would work on a site for 3-4 days; his rig pounding as he used steel drill rods and 2″ steel pipe. Now 50 years later, Bob Jr. and Don usually complete a well in 1-2 days; using a Rotary drilling rig and 5″ PVC pipe.

Many changes in our society have cause the demand for more water. The typical family requires several functions all at once. With busy schedules the high demand to get household chores completed at the same time, such as laundry, watering the lawn, using the dishwasher, and taking a nice pressurized shower, the gallons per minute have increased.

The 5″ PVC well is today’s answer. Water wells tend to be deeper than they were years ago; health concerns and the desire for more abundance of water. A 5″ PVC is more than twice the diameter of the outdated 2″, and when coupled with a good water supply, today’s demands are being met.

Understanding the homeowner’s concerns for 50 years.

Equipment Size: Rotary Rigs, Water Tankers, and Backhoes are large in size and weight. Large equipment will have limitations maneuvering between buildings, structures and landscaped fixtures must be planned out before considering the location to drill.

Septic fields: Homeowners should know where their septic fields are located, or other collapsible structures that may be crushed when heavy equipment is subjected over them.

Matting Available: Special care needs to be used in the “Wet” seasons. We take pride and use every precaution to care for your lawn/landscape. Established homeowners may request Fleming Well Drilling to use special matting as an added precaution. A feature we can provide at a reasonable cost.