Drilling the New Well

When you see Fleming Well Drilling come to your house you can relax as we understand your concerns for water. Being a family owned and operated business, you’re guaranteed to receive owners’ attention from beginning to end. A stranger will not be pulling up in your driveway, but the owner, Don or Bob. We have the expertise and our company continues to stand behind our workmanship.

“Where Bob Goes… Water Flows”

Steps to well drilling – No surprises to the homeowner:

  1. Drill the borehole with a rotary rig until water supply is reached
  2. Install the casing and screen at the bottom of the borehole
  3. Dig a trench across your lawn from well to homes foundation
  4. Connect pitiless adapter to well casing below frost line
  5. Divert water horizontally at the adapter to prevent freezing
  6. Install pipes and electrical wiring so water reaches pressure tank
  7. Once well is completed, it is bailed or pumped to develop the well.
  8. Complete Yield test once removal of remaining fine material is removed.
  9. Install submersible pump down into the casing to force water up into home.
  10. Cap new well to provide sanitation protection after proper disinfection.
  11. Grouting between casing and borehole until the area is filled and secure
  12. IN HOME- install pressure tank, hardwire electrical box & complete piping.

Your well cap has an air vent to equalize the air pressure between the inside of the casing and the atmosphere, and to release unpleasant or explosive lighter than air gases. Remember your vent pipe must be shielded and screened to prevent the entry of foreign material such as insects and small animals into the well at all times.

Fleming Well Drilling can service your well today. We will stand behind our product tomorrow, and we will be here in the future.